Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Abdulnasser Gharem : Mahmoud Darwish

Abdulnasser Gharem  said : "I have no studio so my studio is where I can find people.
 When I see the opportunity I go. That is my way of thinking about art."

he was born in 1973 in the Saudi Arabian city of Khamis Mushait, 
where he continues to live and work today. In 1992 he graduated from the King Abdulaziz Academy before attending The Leader Institute in Riyadh.
 In 2003 he studied at the influential Al-Meftaha Arts Village in Abha. 
In 2004, with other Al-Meftaha artists, he staged a group exhibition, Shattah, which challenged existing modes of art practice in Saudi Arabia.
 Since then Gharem has exhibited in Europe, the Gulf and the USA, including at Martin Gropius-Bau and at the Venice, Sharjah & Berlin Biennales . 
He recently made history when his installation Message/Messenger sold for a world record price at auction in Dubai,
 establishing Gharem as the highest selling living Gulf artist.
 Gharem donated the proceeds of this sale to Edge of Arabia to foster art education in his native country

one of my favorite artworks by Mr : Abdulnasser Gharem is the ( Stamp Paintings )
they are really amazing ! i love all the details , color ! and paintings 

 i adore the one of Mahmoud Darwish poem * ,   
 when he was talked about life and said :

Tell the absence , 
this poem is really touch all my feelings about life , friend , age and death
and i save all the part of it ! 

thank you Mr: Abdulnasser Gharen for saving this magnificent poem with your amazing art works .


قُلْ للحياةِ، كما يليقُ بشاعرٍ متمرِّس: 
سيري ببطء كالإناث الواثقات بسحرهنَّ
وكيدهنَّ. لكلِّ واحدةْ نداءُ ما خفيٌّ:
هَيْتَ لَكْ / ما أجملَكْ!
سيري ببطءٍ، يا حياةُ ، لكي أراك
بِكامل النُقصان حولي. كم نسيتُكِ في
خضمِّكِ باحثاً عنِّي وعنكِ. وكُلَّما أدركتُ
سرَاً منك قُلتِ بقسوةٍ: ما أّجهلَكْ!
قُلْ للغياب: نَقَصتني
وأنا حضرتُ ... لأُكملَكْ!

محمود درويش - رحمه الله - 

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