Thursday, November 29, 2012

Swarovski Elements Giveaway

hi all ! so for today Swarovski sent me this stunning bracelet to 
share it with you ! 
and YES its a giveaway !

 so if you want to win this bracelet :

1- follow RubaFahhd on twitter .
2- tweet " i want to win #Swarovski bracelet with @RubaFahhd  blog #DazzleWithCrystal "

3- it will end at ( 6 ,Dec , 2012 ) .
4- and absolutely it will be my pleasure to send it for you wherever you are <3 

congratulation to @Fashion_bedo 
please send me your info ;) 

-  Collection details can be found Here
-  Collection images can be downloaded Here (this link is live until Dec 5th)

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